Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Whom the Bells Toll

Canterbury Bell
Taken Oct 2008

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Kerry Drager said...

Very beautiful! Some fine things are contributing to the success of this photo. Among them: 1) The soft lighting (as opposed to harsh bright sunlight), which resulted in a very pleasing overall look and strong colors; 2) The selective focus (shallow Depth of Field), so that the sharp main subject jumps out against the blurred background ... that was the result of close focusing with a long lens, and with the use of a wide aperture. 3) I like how the main part of the flower is away from the dead-center of the frame. Just a minor thing: Before snapping the shutter, be sure to check the viewfinder, edge to edge, border to border, while looking for any distracting elements. The part of the contrasting yellow flower at the lower right border slightly draws the eye. Again, a fine macro photo here ... well done!

Happy Holidays,
Kerry Drager
BetterPhoto Instructor