Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Friends, originally uploaded by KyleCare .

During the Holidays, no expense is spared to decorate the interior of our home with elves (especially Anna Lee's). These elves however are not of the Anna Lee variety nor at our home. GG (great-grandmother) has these two elves that J just loves. Last year was a different story as they were taller than her.

Quite the talker

Quite the talker, originally uploaded by KyleCare .

J loves to steal our phones and hold them up to her ear and babble. This time she fished the phone out of my scrub top pocket as she just cleaned up from being outside.

Little Reader

Little Reader, originally uploaded by KyleCare .

J has more books than toys. She loves to read in the chair, the car, the bed, and everywhere! I know she probably can't actually read but she can sure fake it. She will scan the pages and turn them one by one. She evens laughs on some pages.