Thursday, March 31, 2011

Always Looking to Improve

This will be a bit of a different post than you might normally see here.

In my pursuit to better my capabilities, I am always looking for articles or books to read.  One such place is a blog titled MCPactions.  In one of the posts they talk about how to have the image look the way you want it to be when you get prints.  You can find the post here.  I thought it may be of some use to everyone, especially if you are enhancing your image on the computer and then when it comes time to print it looks nothing like you imagined.

The two biggest things I gleaned from this article was size ratio and color profiles.

1.  Cameras normally take the picture in a ratio that is different than what options are available to print.  So if you take a picture and when you get it printed and things have been chopped (cropped) off this is why.  The article suggested using a ratio of 11:15.

2. Wondered why your picture looks different online compared to what you saw on your computer?  It all has to do with the color profile your image is saved in.  Typically a jpeg in the sRGB with be more uniform across multiple platforms.

Take a minute and read the post, Preparing Digital Files in Photoshop for Print.  Plus there are hundreds of other topics you may find useful to you.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


This was the first time she went to the beach.  She was soo excited and happy.  
We'll have to work on saying beach a little more...